Who We Are

Next generation analysis and tools for real world solutions

CountingLab are experts in translational data analytics – creating, translating, developing and applying cutting-edge techniques from the academic community into commercial solutions to solve real world problems.


CountingLab Expertise

Advanced mathematics is increasingly proving able to model and predict the complexities of human behaviour, whether on or offline. Using a variety of methodologies, we help organisations directly, or via their analytical agency or consulting partners.


Techniques we specialise in forming the backbone of artificial intelligence and machine learning:

  • Heuristics and Prospect Theory

  • Social Media Analysis (Trustworthiness, sentiment contagion, influence analysis, topic extraction, community detection and characterisation, evolution and prediction)

  • Deep learning (artificial neural networks)

  • Image Segmentation

  • Gradient Boosting Machines (GBMs)

  • Recurrent Quantification Analysis

  • Missing data modelling and estimation

  • Static and dynamic segmentations

  • Topological data analysis

  • Complexity theory (including agent-based modelling and emergent behaviour)

  • Forecasting

  • Random forests

  • Performance modelling

  • Recommender systems

  • Customer decision modelling

  • Time series analysis

  • Optimisation techniques (including genetic algorithms)

  • Information theory

  • Probabilistic mixture models

  • Dimension reduction

  • Data sampling and uncertainty calculations

  • Bayesian networks

  • Multiple regression (SVD, lasso, ridge, elastic net)

  • Quantile regression

  • Support vector machines

  • And much else besides ...